Situated in Dandong, one of the most beautiful border cities in China, Dongfang Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. has become one specialized mine automation company that is largest in China and holds the highest market share as well as an inline industrial detecting instrument research, development and production base with the highest technological content in Asia, one leading enterprise in the Digitalized Mine No. 863 Program during the Twelfth Five-year Plan Period of China as well as one unit specially undertaking the development of important scientific instrument and equipment in the country. At present, it possesses over 1,000 employees with bachelor's degree or above, including 193 with master's degree, 11 with doctor's degree and 32 senior engineers at professor level.

It features one hi-tech company combining instrument and apparatus research and development, software development and system integration together, offering production informatization solutions and carrying out whole-process automation for industrial production processes of metallurgical, mine, building materials, chemical, coal and other industries. It is one of national key hi-tech enterprises and top ten software production enterprises in Liaoning. It also possesses National Engineering Research Center of Industrial Automation (NERC-IA) Dandong Branch, Specially-invited Academicians Work Station, Provincial Engineering Technology Center, Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Post-doctoral Work Station and other research and development institutions.In addition, it is also the first one to get the honorary title of National Model Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relationship in Dandong.

The company takes internationally leading measurement and control technologies as well as application software as focus and has successfully pushed forward a series of measurement and control products and large-size application software, thus making outstanding contributions in improving the automation, informatization and digitalization level of Chinese metallurgical and mine enterprises, realizing high quality, high output, energy conservation and consumption reduction and increasing the competitiveness of enterprises.

Since its establishment in 1996, the company has successively undertaken 14 national key scientific and technological problem-tackling and industrialization demonstration projects, presented 72 kinds of internationally advanced inline industrial detection instruments and apparatuses in 12 categories, and acquired 48 invention patents and utility model patents.

More than 50 measurement and control systems that were independently researched and developed by the company with advanced level in the world have been widely used in over 200 medium- and large-sized metallurgical and mine enterprises in the country. In the ore dressing automation engineering field, it holds over 90% of the market share, establishing its leading position in Chinese metallurgical and mine automation field.