May. 23, 2018

The National Thermal Power Company Limited Visited DFMC Works for the Inspection of Online Coal Analyzer

On May 4, 2018, Mr. Nishith Agarwal, Addl. General Manager from QA-C&I department of National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC), visited DFMC works for inspection of 12 sets of Online Coal Analyzers to be installed at different Non-Pithead Thermal power plants in India. Mr. Bao, Vice President of DFMC & Director of International Business Department accompanied the visits.

In order to optimize the use of coal resources, energy saving and emission reduction, the largest Thermal Power generating company in India, NTPC Ltd. had published Global tender for the online coal analyzer in 2017. After fierce competition, DFMC was awarded with Design, Engineering, Supply, installation & Commissioning of 12 sets of Online Coal Analyzers. The signing of this contract signifies that DFMC make Online Coal Analyzers has achieved mass export in the international market, and the product has reached the world-class levels.

Addl. General Manager Nishith Agarwal first came to DFMC headquarters to inspect enterprise scale, qualification and related products. Subsequently, the two parties went to DFMC R&D and Production Center of Scientific Instruments for inspection.

In the process of works inspection, the project manager, Mr. Song introduced the core components, production, testing and quality control of DFMC make Online Coal Analyzer. NTPC representative randomly selected 2 sets from the 12 sets of Online Coal Analyzers.

After the works inspection, NTPC representative was pleased with the quality of DFMC make Online Coal Analyzer. At present, DFMC has successfully completed and passed through works inspection. NTPC would like to carry out further exchanges and cooperation with DFMC between products and technology in the future. DFMC and NTPC will work together to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.
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