DFMC show on the Russia Coal Industry High-end Testing Equipment Market for the first time

Date:2015-7-10 15:33:57

Russia Novokuznetsk Coal Exhibition held on 2nd to 5th June, 2015 on Russia Novokuznetsk, DFMC is invited to show on the exhibition for the first time.

During the exhibition,The independent development products, such as neutron activation coal analyzer, microwave moisture analyzer, online coal ash analyzer, offline coal ash analyzer etc. have caused widespread attention from visitors. DFMC booth attract agents and customers from different counties, and get recognized from them. The customers express DFMC products have a broad market prospect in Russia.Some customers reach cooperation agreement with DFMC.

Novokuznetsk locates in the coal basin of Kuznetsk (Kuzbass for short), which is the largest coal-producing area in Russia covering 26,700 square kilometers with coal reservation ranking first nationwide. DFMC will start the overall step marching into the coal industry of Russia via this expo. With the cutting-edge Neutron Activation Coal Analyzer as the dominance, and advanced on-line detection instrument, industrial automation, digital and intelligent technology as the basis, DFMC is willing to contribute to the development of coal industries with local enterprises hand in hand.