DFMC attended SIMC 2016, Morocco from 3rd May to 5th May.

Date:2016-5-14 13:42:22

DFMC Show on the SIMC 2016
From 3rd to 5th May, the SIMC 2016 Special Salon International of Mines and Carriers was held at OFFICE DES CHANGES, Route d' El Jadida Casablanca, Morocco. DFMC attended the exhibition and exhibited numerous state-of-art instrumentations.
SIMC is the largest and most important mining exhibition in North Africa which supported by the government of Morocco, the most developed mining country in North Africa. DFMC brought the its finest products to the exhibition, including online XRF elemental analyzer, ultrasonic density (concentration) meter, radar level meter, online moisture analyzer, online ultrasonic particle size monitor, etc. The products attracted widespread attention from both visitors and exhibitors. OPC Group, the largest phosphate producer in Morocco, visited our stall several times and expressed strong interest in our advanced technology and instrumentations. Par Mohamed Moudarir, organizer of the exhibition and director of publication visited our stall and made highly compliments of our company and encouraged us to further promote our products in Morocco.
This is our first formal market exploitation in North Africa. We found a bright prospect on this land and hundreds and thousands of opportunities. Although there are lots of challenges and difficulties in the unknown future, DFMC is confident in and be able to overcome all the obstacles and make contributions to the development of Africa with local enterprises.

Mr. Bouyerane, project engineer of OPC group is discussing technical questions heatedly with DFMC member.

DFMC at SIMC 2016, Morocco