DFMC made second time stage pose on the Russian coal industry

Date:2016-6-15 9:51:29
The Russian Novokuznetsk Coal Fair was held from 7th to 10th, June 2016, DFMC has been attended Russian coal industry exhibition for second time continuously.

During the fair, online neutron activation coal analyzer, microwave moisture analyzer, online and off-line coal ash analyzer which are R&D by DFMC have attracted many countries customer's attention. Our booth attracted agents and dozens of terminal clients from different countries and regions, brought their concerns and communication at our booth. They expressed their admiration to our product and technology and pointed out that DFMC has a broad prospect in Russia market even all over the world.

During this exhibition, DFMC as the only Chinese representative enterprise was invited to attend the business negotiation with the local state government. The local governor spoke highly of our high-tech and products and guaranteed that they will provide convenient condition and powerful support for the development of DFMC in local even in Russia.

Novokuznetsk is located in the Kuznets grams of coalfield (Kuzbass for short ), the largest coal-producing area in Russia, covers an area of 2.67 square kilometers, industrial reserves of coal stands the first domestically. Participating this exhibition is beneficial to promote the pace of DFMC's products step into the Russian coal industry. Online Neutron Activation Coal Analyzer which is the world cutting-edge technology as the leading role, supported by the world advanced open-pit and underground mine safety system, combined with industrial on-line detection analysis instrument and automation, digitization, intelligentialize technology and cooperate with Russian coal enterprises to help the development of Russian coal industry.