CODELCO new market director visit DFMC

Date:2016-6-20 14:06:11

On 7th June 2016, Cirsthian ,new market director of world largest copper mining company--CODELCO came to visit DFMC.

Mr. Cirsthian accompanied by Bao Liangqing, the president of DFMC visited automation software and online instruments R&D center of the company while experts of DFMC made a detail introduction of the products applications.

Both parties attended the meeting at headquarter of DFMC. President Mr.Bao mentioned DFMC has the 90% market share in mine automation area in China as well as the advanced online instruments R&D center and production base, advanced GPS dispatch systems and industrial software products which has a great influence on the international market. Based on the 20 years experience in working with big mining company,DFMC has the technical strength to be a excellent supplier of CODELCO. Now, the Chile subsidiary of DFMC has been founded and the technical team in Chile are doing research in order to be a better supplier of services in Latin America market. Mr.Bao said we sincerely hope Mr.Cristhian will know better of DFMC during this trip and hope to get chance supplying best products and services for CODELCO.

Mr.Cristhian mentioned during this trip he had a better understanding of DFMC products scope and spoke highly of the technical strength of DFMC specially for economic strength and rich experience.In the meeting, both parties discussed the problems of CODELCO during production as well as the prospect for cooperation in the future.

The to parties also agreed to have a technical communication meeting recently and lay a foundation for the all-round cooperation.