DFMC appeared at IEEE Conference of industry of cement, Canada

Date:2017-6-15 15:32:34

Cement Exhibition was hold in Calgary, Canada. It is the expert-level exhibition in world's cement industry, with all the elites gathered together. Participate in the exhibition is the most effective way to join the international cement market. In order to realize DFMC's international strategy, build international tech-A brand, DFMC attended the expo as invited.

In the exhibition, DFMC exhibited company's most advanced technology and service in cement industry. PGNAA series products, level meter and refined ore batching system attracted vivid focus and recognize from both visitors and exhibitors. Clents from China and abroad raised their interested problems and deeply communicate with DFMC employee, numerous clients expressed their strong wills to cooperate with DFMC. Clents from North-America and Europe also support our products with great effort, they all think that our products have a bright prospect at local market and they are willing to be our agents.

The exhibition is the Olympic in cement industry, we found lots of considerable development prospect at this land of opportunities. Although there are lots of challenges and difficulties in the unknown future, DFMC is confident in and be able to overcome all the obstacles and make contributions to the development with local enterprises.

Durante la exposición, visitaron Lafarge Exshaw Plant-base de mostración de las tecnologías nuevas de la industria de cemento