Auto-control system for the Entire Mineral Process

According to such characteristics in the entire mineral process as complicated working condition, nonlinearity, variable time lag and multi-variable coupling, the Auto-control System for the Entire Mineral Process of Dongfang Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd., through synergic control over the key variables in a dressing plant, generally reduces the production costs in a dressing plant and increases the production benefits with such a result as general benefits being higher than the benefits obtained from the independent control over the variables in different processes in the factory. It is one set of automatic optimization system with high adaptability and has had numerous successful cases in mineral natures as magnetite, copper ore, gold ore, molybdenum ore, nickel ore, bauxite, graphite ore, lead-zinc ore, etc.

System characteristics:

Detection, display and control of many key parameters make the system more accurate and complete;
Highly reliable instrument combination makes the system run reliably and stably, with a long service life.
Fuzzy control, neural network control and other advanced control theories make the control effect become the best;
Excellent control software design makes the system more intelligent;
Automatic control, manual control, soft manual control and other control modes make the system much easier for management and adapt to different processing plant operating practices;

System benefits

Stabilize plant production, and cut down the fault rate of equipment;
Improve the output and grade of concentrate and increase the recovery rate of metals;
Improve the equipment operation rate and reduce the labor intensity of workers;
The investment can be recovered soon with high yield.

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