Whole-process Auto-control system for Coal Washery

As one kind of comprehensive and complicated automation control system, the whole-process auto-control system for coal washery covers the control of each important link in the coal preparation process, such as automatic control of raw coal processing, automatic control of jigging and discharging, automatic control of heavy-media separation, automatic control of flotation and reagent feeding, automatic control of auxiliary equipment, etc., boasting one set of automatic optimization and control system with high adaptability. It stabilizes the technological processes during coal dressing and raises the recovery rate of clean coal. Under the precondition that the product quality is stabilized, the productivity of the coal washery is improved and the energy and materials consumption is reduced, thus the economic benefit of the enterprise is increased.

System characteristics:

● High automation degree, and the process control covers the whole process of coal preparation.

● Advanced DCS control system and PLC control system are used in hardware equipment.

● Advanced control algorithm is used to realize the automatic control of the jigging system and the separation system.

● Improving the output and quality of the products after coal dressing and raising the recovery rate of clean coal.

● Reducing the personnel in relevant positions, cutting down labor intensity and improving labor productivity.

● With less investment but obvious economic benefit.

Benefit brought by the system

● Stabilizing the process and production and improving the utilization rate of equipment;

● Improving the output and quality of clean coal and increasing the recovery rate of clean coal.

● Reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving labor efficiency.

● The investment can be recovered soon, with high yield.

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