Auto-control system for Dispensing System

The auto-control system for dispensing system aims at improving the proportioning accuracy of the whole burdening course, that is to say, various materials are controlled to accurately meet with the requirement of the production processes. By analyzing the burdening process, combining the tests, introducing advanced industrial control computers as well as PLC and DCS control systems and using the Fuzzy control thought, we have made the control system dispersed, network-based and intelligent, thus ensuring the reliability and long-term stability of the control system. The functions of the control system cover detection of the feeding volume in the storage bin (metering of the feeding nucleon scale), system interlocking control, system flow control, and centralized processing of metering data.

System characteristics:

1. Equipment selection
In order to ensure the reliable operation of equipment, less failures and easiness in operation and maintenance, the equipment that has been proved to be stable and reliable in performance by long-term inspection shall be chosen, so as to adapt to the adverse circumstances at the industrial site and ensure reliable running of the system.

2. System configuration
As for system configuration, the secondary development function of software is adopted. In addition to the dynamic display of work flow, it shall have such functions as tendency chart, bar chart, historical data display, report, printing, etc.

3. Easy for expansion
Necessary interfaces are reserved in the system. In addition, necessary interfaces are designed for management and whole-process automatic control at the factory level.

4. Strong practicality

The system has such three control methods as automatic control, manual control at the instrument cubicle and manual control at site.

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