Water Content Auto-control System

Water content auto-control system: the water content of sinter mixture is in a decisive position in sintering and the stability has a major influence on increasing both the output and quality of sintering. At present, most sintering plants of local enterprises over the country use the primitive water content control method of “artificial water watching, manual water addition”. This method is hard to ensure a long stability of water content control and as a result, the quality and output of product are influenced. To improve the status quo, it is necessary to add a water content control system.


Neutron water content meter, nuclear scale, PLC system (industrial control computer and PLC module), electromagnetic flowmeter and electric control valve.

Control principle:

In the sintering process, control is kept for water content in material discharge from primary and secondary mixers. A neutron water content meter is used to measure the water content in incoming and outgoing materials, and a nuclear scale is used to measure the incoming material to make a simple initial water-adding control, and compensation is made to set and test values to achieve the requirement of close-loop control. In the whole control process, we introduce a unique and advanced control theory to automatically adjust the sinter water content, and therefore the water content in the material discharge from mixer can be controlled effectively. The whole sintering system is always kept working in the best condition, as a result, the whole system can run stably, all technical indicators of sintered products are up to specification, the labor intensity of workers is reduced and the general economic benefits of a sintering plant are increased.

Control Schematic Diagram

Water content control advantages:

After the water content of sinter mixture is put under automatic control, there is a big influence on both the output and quality of the agglomerate. After achieving auto water control, the production volume from sintering machine is increased, the vertical sintering speed becomes higher, the speed of sintering machine trolley is faster, the rotating drum index is enhanced, the quantity of return mines of sinter mixture is reduced and the FeO content is lower. There is a very positive and favorable influence on sintering production.

1. The auto water addition control over sinter mixture achieved in practice is a technically mature and relatively stable online water content control method.

2. After measures are taken for cold and hot return mines and quick lime water addition in a stable production process, neutron water content control can be used to control water within the range of ±0.3%. This meets the requirement of sintering process for water content control.

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