Auto-control System for Coking Coal Mixing

In a coal preparation production process, several kinds of raw coals have to be mixed into a mixture to a certain proportion and the accuracy of mix and the reliability of the coal mixing system will have a direct influence on the coke quality and economic benefits.

In the auto-control system for coking coal mixing, a radar level meter is used to measure the coal level in the coal-mixing tank to attain an accuracy nearest to millimeter. By using the auto-calibration technology for metering devices, the system achieves in the starting stage of each production process the zero-point calibration operation for nuclear scale or belt weighing scale to reduce the errors of the measuring devices to the lowest. During system operating, the dynamic error accumulation control function is applied to automatically adjust the amount of coal supply according to accumulated error variation to have the coal supply control error of the coal mixing tank put under control below 0.2%, so that a high accuracy of coal mixing is truly realized and coke quality and enterprise economic benefits are ensured effectively.

System characteristics:

● High accuracy of coal mixing with a small error: Auto control is achieved by using dynamic error accumulation algorithm to have the coal-mixing weight accuracy put under control below 0.2% effectively;

● High degree of automation: The interlock auto-control for such equipment as coal return belt, feeding belt, etc. and the visualized operations for coal mixing process are all achieved by operations on control terminals;

● Less human intervention and low labor intensity: Auto revision to system control parameters and auto zero-point calibration for measuring devices need minimal direct human intervention;

● Standardized installation, commissioning and calibration: From system installation, commissioning through to daily calibration operation, standardized operation modes are used;

● Remarkable economic benefits: High accuracy of coal mixing provides a favorable technical support for stabilizing coke quality, reducing coal-mixing costs and increasing economic benefits.

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