Coke Oven Heating Optimization Control System

Coke oven is a typical complicated system with a high time lag, strong nonlinearity, multi-variable coupling and variable parameters. The temperature is influenced by multiple interference factors and the coking period is as long as 16 to 22 hours, with the process characteristic parameters being affected largely by coal loading amount, coal nature, calorific value of heating gas, water content, etc. It is hard to gain a good control effect by using the traditional PID control method.

Coke oven heating optimization control system uses a control scheme combining feedback and feedforward, control and management to realize advanced coke oven heating and combustion optimization control. Such artificial intelligent technologies as fuzzy control, neural network, etc. are introduced in terms of the control method to combine with multi-level control system to have coke oven computer control reach a new level.

The coke oven heating optimization control system has a remarkable effect on improving the process indicators of coke oven, especially the coke quality, and saving energy. It achieves optimum setting of coke oven flue temperature, ensures straight line temperature and realizes coke oven heating optimization control.

System characteristics:

● High control accuracy: It controls effectively the vertical flue temperature, reduces the vertical flue temperature variation and has the maximum fluctuation put under control within ±15°C;

● Improving coke quality steadily: The stable control of coke oven heating temperature provides a guarantee for improving the coke quality effectively;

● Increasing gas utilization rate and saving energy: It establishes a coke oven heating control model and controls the best heat supply to achieve the purpose of saving heating gas and adjusting oxygen content in waste gas (that is, controls to have a suitable excess air coefficient) to realize the best combustion;

● Reducing labor intensity: It achieves full automatic optimization control and it is convenient and easy to perform switching operation with little artificial intervention;

● Reducing emissions and pollution: It reduces straight line temperature fluctuation of coke oven, strengthens coke pushing operation management, improves the combustion efficiency of heating gas and has significance in reducing exhaust pollution, smoke and dust pollution from coke pushing and realizing environmentally friendly production of coke oven.

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