Sintering and Pelletizing Auto-control System

The sintering and pelletizing auto-control system is aimed at such characteristics of sintering and pelletizing as long process flow, a lot of control links, complicated system, etc., to focus on solving the problem of reliability, accuracy and timeliness of sintering and pelletizing production process control, which has a important significance in stabilizing production and product quality, reducing consumption and increasing the output.

The sintering and pelletizing auto-control uses distributed control system(DCS) to have the whole production process divide into a number of close-loop control systems according to the process flow and control all production links with the final product feedback and form a big close-loop generally. To achieve an optimum control, the system uses different control methods for different control contents, for example, using hysteresis function to control the major feedback in the whole process flow; using robust control method to control such key production processes as ignition, etc.; using PID self-tuning method to control such unstable processes as water distribution, batching, etc., and there is a remarkable control effect. The control scope of the system includes: raw material, solvent and fuel preparation process; batching process; materials mixing process; material distribution and laying; ignition control; exhausting system; residual heat utilization system, etc.

System characteristics:

1. High reliability

The main control equipment of the system are international brand products with a high reliability; the system control is based on accurate production process modeling and sintering theory to have a high control accuracy. The system achieves a general control between multiple small close loops and there is a guarantee for the optimization control effect.

2. Advanced control method
The system uses a distributed control system in a remote I/O control structure, having such characteristics as open structure, novel control algorithm, high anti-interference ability, etc. The system uses a great deal of such optimization methods as hysteresis control, robust control, PID self-tuning control, fuzzy control, etc. to ensure the control effect.

3. High practicality

The system takes the basic process of sintering and pelletizing as the control target to focus on solving the problem of automation and optimization in these processes, which is an indispensable part for enterprises to ensure smooth going of production process. The system can be modified according to respective production processes of different enterprises to suit their special requirements, which is highly practical.

4. Easy for expansion

The system hardware has good universality and extendibility to facilitate system expansion in scale. In software, the system has a data interface designed for plant-level management and plant-level networking control to facilitate system performance upgrading.

5. Convenient for operation
The system has multiple operating modes, such as fully auto control, soft manual, hand operator manual, manual operation, etc.

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