Industrial Video Automatic Monitoring System

The industrial video monitoring system is mainly designed for complicated environmental conditions in industrial sites to realize real-time video monitoring to such key places as workshop, plant area, etc. as well as equipment. Meanwhile, it has such functions as monitoring key equipment operation parameters, giving alarms, etc. It keeps ID card management and control for persons getting in and out of key and dangerous places.

System characteristics:

1. In equipment selection, such features as dust proof, damp proof, explosion proof, lightning proof, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, interference resistance, etc. are considered sufficiently;

2. High-definition playback of video images with the image quality reaching VCD quality. In signal transmission, optical fiber or radio transmission mode is used to satisfy the transmission requirements of long distance, high efficiency and anti-interference;

3. In system structure design, network monitoring management and remote monitoring and control function are used to satisfy the requirements of multi-level user management or remote user monitoring and control and management through network;

4. ID card, IC card or human face identification technology are used to manage people getting in and out of plant area and provide a help for such management work as plant security, theft prevention, etc.;

5. Video images of equipment operation and equipment operating parameters are displayed on the same screen to have an intuitional and concise knowledge of equipment.

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