Integrated Management and Control System for Beneficiation

Beneficiation production falls within one kind of on-stream continuous production, so not only the online control system but also the online management system covering online cost accounting, input and output analysis, production index accounting, etc. are needed. Integrated management and control system for beneficiation has solved the integration problem between production and resource management < management > and the automatic control of production lines .

System characteristics:

1. Through this system, each department can take the initiative to prepare the materials and spare parts and spare parts as well as supply the resources like water, electricity, gas, etc. needed by the production lines according to the production process control, thus punctually guaranteeing the supply of technical, equipment and human resources and providing sufficient support for continuous operation.

2. Through the real-time online equipment tracking management function of this system, early warning for equipment failure will occur automatically, thus reducing the production accidents caused by equipment failure, shortening the equipment maintenance cycle, optimizing the stock of spare parts and laying stable equipment foundation for highly-efficient and continuous production;

3. Based on the detection data in relation to metering, quality, production, etc. acquired by the system online, the raw material consumption and consumption of water, electricity and other energies during the production course as well as the data that are directly related to cost accounting like equipment wear and tear can be counted, so that the cost can be calculated continuously and the cost for the production on current day can be calculated on that day. In addition, the recovery rate of metal, equipment operation rate, labor productivity of workers, product stock, grade of concentrate powder, etc. can be calculated in a real-time way, thus solving the economic benefit accounting problem during the beneficiation production course.

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