DF-5703(B) By-pass Neutron Activation Coal Analyzer

As one kind of by-pass online coal material detection equipment, DF-5703(B) by-pass neutron activation coal analyzer has momentous significance in coal washing, coal blending, quality analysis for the incoming and outgoing coal, blending of coal putting into the furnace, production process control, etc.
The analyzer needs to take coal samples from the sampling system, and then presents the detection results once every one minute. By analyzing main coal parameters and industrial indexes in a real-time manner, it can effectively supervise and control coal quality, and is characterized by short analysis time, high analysis precision, etc.
DF-5703 (B) is mainly used in incoming coal analysis, entrucking station, port coal blending base, coal chemical industry, etc. with higher requirements on the real-time coal analysis data. During the use course, the screw slag sampler system or scraper sampling system shall be used as the coal sample source tool.

DF-5703(B) adopts prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) technology. The neutron source emits rapid neutrons with average energy at 2.35Mev, which are then degraded into thermal neutrons by the measuring unit. The thermal neutrons radiate materials, so that the thermal neutron capture reaction can be made among the nucleuses of various elements in the material to emit characteristic gamma rays with different energies and intensities. By testing the energy in characteristic gamma ray, the element categories in the material can be distinguished, and by testing the intensity of gamma ray with specific energy, the content of element can be got.

Technical parameters:
1.Measurement parameters: ash content, moisture, sulfur content, SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, CaO, MgO, Na2O, K2O, etc.
2.Calculation parameter: calorific value and any possible parameters that can use empirical equation.

Product application:
1. Incoming coal detection
Application objects: Such major coal consumers as power plants, cement plants, iron and steel plants, coal chemical plants, etc.
By combining with a sampling system, that analyzer can measure incoming coals in a quick, accurate and objective manner and solve the above problems effectively. The analyzer is embedded in a sampling system to monitor incoming coal quality on real-time basis and at a fast speed. Fully automatic measurement and presentation of the measurement results by vehicle number ensures coal measurement accuracy and timeliness and provides scientific data for incoming coals.
Analytical procedure: Coal sampling by sampler, coal quality analysis, coal discarding.

Detection of the Incoming Coal Delivered through Truck or Train by DF-5703(B)

2. Coal blending
Application objects: Vehicle loading station, port center for coal blending, coal chemical enterprise, coal entering furnace in power plant, etc.
By combining with a belt sampling system and a coal blending control system, DF-5703(B) analyzer can give an optimized formula according to the measurement results and the target values of quality control parameters (calorific value, sulfur content, ash content), adjust the coal blending proportion of different coal sources on real-time basis, control the feeding amounts of different raw material feeders on real-time basis and make batching meet relevant quality control requirements. The batching software can also adopt a manual mode to dispatch the feeding amounts of different coal sources through the intercom system or other modes and guide coal blending.

Application of DF-5703(B) at the Entrucking Station

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•All the components determining the performance of the online analyzer are imported from professional manufactures in the world.

•The optimized software algorithm has stronger adaptability to site environments and is better for quality control and the central control personnel to carry out operation and management.

Radiation safety
•The radiation protection of the device is designed strictly in accordance with international standard. The materials with strong ability in absorbing rays are adopted, and the shielding body is thick, thus making the use more reliable and safe.
•The company has nearly twenty years of experience in the development and protection of nuclear detection instruments for industrial use.
•The company has the radiation safety qualification certified by the state.

The company provides all-round, timely and effective service. For equipment, lifelong technological service will be provided; for software, lifelong upgrade will be provided free of charge.

Typical cases
By now, DF-5703(B) and its similar products have successfully entered into such China large power and cement groups as China Huadian Corporation, CNBC Cement Group, Jidong Cement, Taiwan Cement, etc.

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