DF-5708 X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Product overview

DF-5708 wavelength dispersion X-ray fluorescence spectrometer features one kind of precision instrument used to analyze the composition of elements and chemical compounds therein. It can be configured 10 fixed optical splitter channels to analyze 10 elements simultaneously. Standard configuration includes such ten elements as Na, Mg, Al, Si, S, Cl, K, Ca, Fe and P. It boasts the first choice for element composition analysis in the lab. In addition, according to different application requirements of the users, configuration for any ten elements from Na to U can be made.

Product features

Highly reliable and stable instrument design: Modularized design shall be made for thermostatic chamber, X-ray tube cooling system, gas flow density and flow stability control system, vacuum control system, beam splitting system, detector, etc., so as to make the entire instrument easy for maintenance and run stably.

Thermostatic chamber: Intelligent balance system is adopted for the design of thermostatic chamber and temperature control system in the instrument, thus making the maximum temperature fluctuation of thermostatic chamber less than 0.1 °C.

X-ray tube cooling system: With intelligent temperature control system, the X-ray tube cooling oil temperature fluctuation is less than 1°C, thus making the temperature of main heat source in thermostatic chamber - X-ray tube protective sleeve stable, which can not only create the condition to reduce the temperature fluctuation in thermostatic chamber, but also reduce expansion and contraction of analyzing crystals.

Gas flow density and flow stability control system: Intelligent gas flow density and flow stability control system is adopted to ensure the stability and reliability of the counts of detector and really reflect the actual proportion change of reactive elements.

Vacuum control system: Modularized vacuum system makes it easy for maintenance and replacement. Thanks to the highly efficient vacuum system, the vacuum pre-pumping time becomes shorter, vacuum degree is high and switching-over is convenient.

Beam splitting system: With highly efficient optical path and short optical path, original light path parts are used, thus effectively shortening the optical path length of X-ray fluorescence and greatly improving the collection efficiency of X-ray fluorescence in every element path.

Detector: Different detectors (flow proportional detectors, closed proportional detectors and scintillation detectors) are configured according to the elements to be measured. Among them, flow proportional detectors adopt miniaturized counter tube, high-voltage circuit and signal amplification circuit for modularization, so as to make detector assembly directly connect with high-speed sampling circuit, thus significantly improving the anti-jamming capability of detection circuit; at the same time, the number of connecting cables and connectors has been reduced greatly, so as to improve the reliability of instrument.

Humanized software workstations: By adopting man-machine interaction software interface and modular operating buttons, different operating authorities and diversified output reports can be set, allowing the users to operate more flexibly, conveniently and intuitively. Meanwhile, the software has integrated the commonly used DCS system communication protocols like TCP/IP, OPC, ModBus, RS232/485, etc., thus making it possible for the instrument to exchange data with the control center or PLC of the batching system in the factory, that is to say, both analytical data and matching data can be transmitted to the batching system to realize online data analysis and online quality monitoring.

Technical indexes

Types of elements to be analyzed: Any ten elements from 11Na to 92U.

X-ray tube: X-ray tube of 400W thin beryllium window end window made by Varian Corporation, Rh target.

X-ray tube cooling: Professional cyclic refrigeration and cooling, without cooling water.

High-voltage power: 400W (50kV8mA); pressured pipe flow: 12h; stability: better than 0.005%

Thermostatic chamber temperature control accuracy: setting value ±0.1°C

Detector: Flow proportional detector, closed counter tube and scintillation counter

Data processing system: 10-way 2048-channel independent pulse height analyzer

Vacuum system: Independent pump station structure with dual vacuum chamber, easy for maintenance; highest vacuum degree in the measuring chamber: below 5Pa.

Gas flow system: Foreign high-precision density and flow control system and high-precision gas flow density stabilizer are used, with pressure stability up to ± 0.002KPa.

AC 220V power supply equipment: 2kVA AC purified voltage-stabilized current

Stability: (24 h) ≤2%

Counter energy resolution: ≤ 30%

Counting linearity of instrument: ≤1%

Measurement time of individual sample(including sample change and vacuum-pumping time): ≤ (2-5)min

Sample size: 40mmx10mm(H)

Sample surface to be analyzed: 35mm max.

Application Fields

DF-5708 can be widely used in building materials,cement, mineral, metallurgy, glass, environmental protection, geology, petrochemical, ceramics, nonferrous metals, drugs and high-tech materials, and other fields,which plays an important roles in the product research and development, production and process monitoring and quality management.

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