DF-6201 Radar Level Meter

Brief introduction

Radar Level Meter

DF-6201 Radar Level Meter is a frequency modulation (FM) radar level meter with strong anti-interference and stability which focuses on the difficulty of measuring level in solid materiel bin including ore fine bin. It applies to the harsh sites which have complicated internal structure such as complicated obstacle, much dust and weak reflection of materiel.

Working principle

DF-6201 Radar Level Meter uses the difference value of frequency between transmitted signal and received signal to confirm the object distance in Frequency Modulation Continuous Wave(FMCW) Principle, so the data of level measurement is more accurate, prompt and stable.

Product features

The first X wave band radar level meter used to measure solid material level in the industry with X wave band microwave having high penetration power and high interference resistance capability. The X wave band microwave technology is widely used in military radar. The big wave beam angle detection promotes the technology from high precision level measurement to high property solid level measurement.

Among the radar level meters used to measure solid material level in the industry, it has the highest indicator parameters.

In the solid material level detection field, it has the most abundant detection functions and five optional detection modes to fit different needs on the spot. The five modes are highest material level detection mode, lowest material level detection mode, average material level detection mode, normal material level detection mode and intelligent material level detection mode.

Convenient for operation. Such four methods as remote control, HART handheld terminal and HART connection to upper computer can be used respectively to set the instrument parameters to satisfy the field need, and the users to finish the instrument parameter installation in 5minutes.

Technical parameters

Wave beam angle: 18°

Measuring range: 150m

Accuracy: 5mm

Repeatability: 0.5mm

Resolution: 0.3mm

Application fields

Materiel storage process level measurement in mining industry, such as the level measurement in coarse crushing bin, fine crushing bin, fine ore bin and so on.

Materiel storage process level measurement in coal industry, such as raw coal bin, clean coal bin and so on.

Materiel storage process level measurement in cement industry, such as clinker bin, raw materiel homogenization bin, original materiel blending bin, limestone storage coal bin and cement blending bin and so on.

Materiel storage process level measurement in electric industry, such as raw coal, fine ore bin, dry ash bin in heat-engine plant and so on.

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