DF-PSM Inline Ultrasonic Particle Size Monitor

DF-PSM Inline Ultrasonic Particle Size Monitor is one kind of inline slurry particle size measurement instrument based on the principle of ultrasonic extinction. It is an indispensable online particle size measuring instrument for grinding process control. It provides accurate and real-time slurry particle size analysis. Utilizing the feedback information of particle size analyzer, users can optimize the grinding circuit to improve product quality, increase recovery and reduce energy consumption.

Technical parameters:

Particle size measurement: 1mm maximum, P80 distributes between 295 to 25 micron;
Concentration measurement: weight percentage concentration 4~ 60%;
Particle size measurement accuracy: absolute error of less than 1.0% (1σ);
Concentration measurement accuracy: absolute error of less than 1.0% (1σ);
Multi-channel application:
Quantity of sample channel: 1~3 (optional).
Display: Human-machine confguration interface, real-time trend curve, value and status information etc.
To calibrate by making reference to the results of laboratory analysis to the particle size and concentration of calibrating sample (concentration analysis, dry weighing method,particle size analysis, screening method) and compare with attenuation parameter measured by the instrument.
Data connection:
4--20mA analogue output, multiple interface protocols (OPC, Profibus, Modbus, etc.).
Normal working environment conditions
Temperature: -10 to +50°C
Relative humidity: 98% max. (non-condensing)
Vibration: below 10g at 20hz.
Measuring material: corrosive slurry: pH can be 12.5
Working requirements
Power supply: 380VAC; 50/60Hz; 3 phases; 5kW.
Common water: Common industrial water standard, 2.5-3.0 m³/h, pressure 350-550kPa.
Standard water: Potable water standard, around 12L/d.
Instrument gas: Clean, dry instrument gas, 0.1-0.15 m³/h, pressure 550kPa-700 kPa.

Product features:

Fast measuring speed, good representation, high measuring accuracy
It can analyze the slurry particle size in 5 fractions as well as concentration
High reliability, maintainability
Best effect in close-loop control

Application fields

DF-PSM Inline ultrasonic particle size monitor mainly used in non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and other metal grinding and separation processes, with applications include iron slurry, magnetite and other ferrous mining areas, the field of non-ferrous mines gold, copper, molybdenum, bauxite, lead and zinc, etc.

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