Hoister Automatic Control System


The Hoister is a very important facility to send operators and materials into and out of underground mines. Safe and reliable operation of hoister is directly associated with the safety of workers and stable production. The Hoister Automatic Control System is able to monitor spindles, hoisting speed and speed-limiting devices in a real time manner, and automatically detect overload, under-voltage operation and braking torque during the operation; meanwhile, auxiliary system control at the hydraulic stations is also allowed via advanced detectors and optimized control mode in order to ensure stable operation of the hoisters. The hoisters are protected and the early alarm is generated instantly in case of faults or abnormal conditions. The safety of hoisters, workers and materials are therefore guaranteed.


● Offering complete protection functions and effectively ensuring stable operation of hoisters;
● Automatic activation of alarms in case of any fault or abnormal conditions;
● Having a user-friendly HMI, with simple communication between human and machine;
●Having network interfaces available for the system upgrade towards factory-level management;
● Simple maintenance due to PLC-centered automatic control system;
● Strong extensibility allows both the hardware and the software to upgrade via installing relevant modules;

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