Ventilation Automatic Control System


Ventilation Automatic Control System Ventilation permits a real-time detection on air pressure, temperature and CO concentration via transducers and surveillance mounted around the ventilation in underground mines. The status data and video images shall be transmitted to the control room through networks constantly in order to achieve a real-time monitoring on the ventilation conditions, therefore ensuring ventilation safety.

System function

● Ventilator status monitoring and display
Continuously monitor startup /shutdown states, running current and fresh air volume of each ventilator and the monitoring results are displayed on the screens of host computers.
● Automatic overload protection
The system activates the alarm automatically and sends a command to shut down the ventilation in case of overload.
●Ventilation startup warning
The alarm will be raised to warn people away from the ventilation before start up so that injury accidents are prevented.
●Enabled/disabled remote control
The Manual/Auto switch is provided on one side of control cabinets at the machine station. It is allowed to switch off in case of maintenance or no requiring remote control.
●All the ventilation data, like records of operation, running conditions, alarms, running current, continuous working time, incoming air flow, air temperature and CO concentration can be saved, reviewed and print-out.

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