Unattended Explosive Warehouse Control System


The Unattended Explosive Warehouse Control System is designed to perform comprehensive control and centralized management for front-end unattended or insufficient duty operators in the explosive warehouse via computer, digital image and information technologies. It allows the user to monitor and control front-end images, environmental status, access and ambient conditions through front-end controllers, which runs in a real-time and efficient manner, greatly reducing labor and management cost.

Features and advantages

● Reasonable architecture: video surveillance is primarily used, supported with dynamic environmental monitoring. Advanced video compression technology and environmental data are suitably integrated with video monitors.

● Powerful functions: allowing for video monitoring, environmental monitoring, comprehensive alarm processing, access control, attendance management and SMS alarms.

● Highly integration and easy-to-use: One software is sufficient to manage all devices in the management system, greatly reducing maintenance cost.

●Upgrade can be achieved easily due to modular design.

● Open protocol compatible with third-party devices: The system adopts international protocol standards, so any device which meets the standard protocols can be incorporated into the system.

●Increasing work safety and efficiency, reducing cost.

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