DF-5720 Neutron Ambient Dose Equivalent Analyzer

Introduction: The neutron ambient dose equipment analyzer produced by our company adopts such a new principle as slow neutron detection and 3-dimensional energy response regulation, and selects 6Li glass scintillator as the probe to accurately measure the neutron dose equivalent rate in the measuring environment. The instrument has such characteristics as high sensitivity, gamma-ray resistance, good energy response, etc.

Principle: This instrument selects and uses 6Li glass scintilator as the probe to do slow detection to fast neutrons. By utilizing the principle of energy response regulation in 3-dimensional space, it makes the neutron counting rate and neutron dose rate detected by the neutron detector meet a specific relation to realize the measurement of the dose equivalent rate.

Application: The neutron dose equivalent analyzer is highly closed, light in weight, small and suitable for neutron dose monitor in such places as neutron irradiation, neutron logging, neutron experiment, nuclear reactor, nuclear waste material treatment, nuclear power station, nuclear submarine, etc. where neutron radiation field exists.

Technical parameters:

  • Measurement range: 1uSv.h-1~10mSv.h-1
  • Energy range: 0.025ev~16Mev
  • Sensitivity: 10 counts.S-1/(uSv.h-1)
  • Inherent error: Less than ±20%
  • Measurement repeatability: Less than 20%
  • γ suppression ratio: Greater than 100: 1 in 10mSv.h-1 137Cs field
  • Angle response: Less than ±25%(0°~±90°)change
  • Radio transmission distance: Not less than 10m
  • Alarm mode: Audible and visual alarm
  • Power supply mode: Charged lithium battery
  • Continuous working hours of battery: Greater than 7 hours
  • Working temperature: -10°C~+50°C
  • Protection class: IP51
  • Weight: 6.6kg
  • Instrument dimensions: 362mm×200mm×248mm
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