DF-5706A Online Neutron Activation Slurry Element Analyzer

DF-5706A online neutron activation slurry element analyzer is specially applied for making real-time and online analysis to the contents of slurry elements in conveying pipes. The analytical results of the instrument can be directly applied for automatic control in such links as flotation process or ore-blending process. In comparison with common X-ray online analysis principles, the biggest advantage of the instrument is that simultaneous measurement of light and heavy elements in slurry s can be realized.

Measurement principle:
The neutrons emitted by the neutron source in the analyzer become hot neutrons after being slowed and hit and activate slurry nuclei, so that they are in an excited state. This state is not stable. In the process of tending to become stable, that is, in the process of de-excitation, they give off such characteristic gamma rays as corresponding to nuclein, which is received by the analyzer probe. By measuring the energy of the characteristic gamma ray, corresponding nuclein is identified. By calculating the strength of the characteristic rays, the contents of nuclein can be analyzed.

Product application:
DF-5706A online neutron activation slurry element analyzer has very wide application fields. From common iron slurry to flotation of high-content sulfide ores; from aluminum oxide raw slurry to ceramic slurry batching, the online analyzer can be applied for online element content measurement and production process control without exception.

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