Capacity Measurement System

Brief Introduction:

The Capacity Measurement System designed by DFMC has been widely applied in loading calculation field of transportation modes such as railway vehicle, truck, belt etc. The whole system combines lots of advanced technology such as IT technology, laser radar distance measurement technology and radio frequency technology etc. It can achieve the unattended mode for online measurement, calculation and quality test of ore volume and grade, and also have the statistical analysis function for calculation data. The system can solve the problems of management effectively such as shortfall, ore mix, ore loss etc in the mineral transportation process to achieve the automatic gathering and information management of quality and quantity data in every mining area. It consolidates the foundation of digital mine building and realize the unattended mode for calculation of underground mine.

System Functions

1.Volume Measurement: Automatically calculate the load volume of a truck while it is passing through the measuring point.

2.Grade Calculation: Online calculate the ore grade according to the weight value and the parameters of the loose coefficient.

3.Working Area Management: The system can customize the different areas, and record the vehicle from the partition, to facilitate the future performance statistics.

4.Vehicle Management: Record the vehicle information to the database, so that the volume of the vehicle can be modified according to different models.

5.Other Functions: Data storage, query statistics and reports, user management, etc..

Performance Index

  • Range of laser radar: 0.7m~80m
  • Level of radar protection: IP67
  • Applicable detection speed: 1-50Km/h
  • Accuracy of volume measurement: ±1%~±3%
  • Scale accuracy: ±0.2%,±0.5%,±1.0%,±2.0%,four types of accuracy can be chosen
  • Accuracy of ore grade: ±1%-±5%(depends on the types of system)
  • Recognition rate of vehicle: ≥99%; Recognition rate of vehicle head: ≥99%


  • Adaptability: The system can adapt to abnormal transport conditions such as parking, head back and variable speed drive etc. and filter the non-measurement material automatically.
  • Advancement: Adopt advanced laser radar to measure the material with no harm.
  • High Precision: Repeatability fluctuation of volume measuring is under 3%, the recognition rate of car head reaches 99%, the recognition rate of tramcar's carriages amount reaches 99.9%.
  • Integration: Compatible with common weighing equipments on the market, which enables two measuring equipments to realize measurement function in one system.
  • Flexibility: Multiple configurations. Ore loose coefficient, volume correction coefficient and weight& grade regression formula can be set up to fulfill different requirements at site.


In 2013, to fulfill the need of Minmetals Luzhong Mining Co., Ltd, the system has installed at Xiaoguanzhuang Iron Mine whose depth is 500m below the ground. After the application, the tramcar loading capacity can be measured and the grade can be calculated according to the weight without parking. The system shows high processing speed, high security and reliability, and the precision reaches 1%.

The system has been successfully applied at Zhangjiawa Iron Mine of Minmetals Luzhong Mining Co., Ltd and Shandong Jinling Mining Co., Ltd. The performance completely meets the requirements of clients.

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