DF-IA-ⅠFlotation foam image analysis system

Flotation foam image analyzer is an online detection analyzer which is applied in the ore flotation foam character parameters analysis. The product adopts the computer vision technology to analyze the surface foam character status of the flotation machine in real time which can present the stability and control status of flotation production. To provide quantized data for timely adjust the flotation control as well as provide data support for the optimized control and establishment of the model of expert system.

System function:

1. Provide flotation front line operator's the real-time foam video images

2. Provide data support for the flotation standard control

3. Provide data support for the flotation production trace

4. Provide effective and accurate data support for processing optimization control

5. Monitoring foam moving speed, timely adjust the control strategy, stable the production rate

System output parameters:

1. The actual size of bubble

2、The number of different size foam

3、Bubble size range content percentage

4、The average moving speed of bubble

5、The average life cycle of bubble

6、RGB color feature vector of bubble

Product features:

1. Using professional HD industrial image analysis camera, image display is more clear, and color display is more real which can provide flotation front line staff with real-time foam video images;

2、Advanced analysis algorithm,Precise segmentation result;

3、Non-contact, using computer vision technology,advanced technology,easy to maintain

4、Low costs of the system, high performance cost ratio, small occupied area, easy installation, easy maintenance;

5、System based on statistical theory, more scientific and reliable than artificial observation ;

6、Using optical fiber transmission, signal is more stable;

7、Image can measure in high frequency,Single channel image analysis time<200ms,and can realize the 6 channels parallel analysis;

8、Observation point unlimited extends;

9、Support common industrial communication protocols such as TCP/OPC/MODBUS etc, can be easily integrated into the automatic control system

10、With functions of image analysis, data storage,convenient for historical data query, statistics, analysis, optimization algorithm.

Application site:

Flotation technology、coal preparation technique etc.

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