Ore Particle Size Image Analyzer

By collecting and analyzing the motion ore image continuously and timely to present the distribution character of ore. The system is specially designed for measuring the size of different type of ores. Commonly used in measurement of ore particle size distribution on the conveyor belt, can also be used for other block material size, shape and color tests (e.g. extra large material test, material color test etc.)

System Functions

Collecting, displaying and analyzing ore image at a real-time

Shows ore segmentation with circles of random color

Shows single image particle size distribution by chart

Shows continuous image particle size changes through trend line

Output analysis results can be referenced by the control system

Saves collected images and analysis results for off-line analysis

Technical Index

Detecting mode: online non-contact detecting

Minimum detecting diameter: 10mm

Fastest identifying speed: 60ms

Identifying accuracy of large particles at surface: 80%

Data communication: MODBUS TCP

Application Site

During the processes of feeding, discharging the crusher, according the analysis of the system to set up the interstice of the crusher. During the process of feeding the SAG/AG crusher, according to analyze the relevant data to improve the efficiency of the crusher.

Extended Application

Give the other information of the material (such as shape, center of gravity, color of material etc.)

Combine the historical data with process data to present the deviation hint of particle size change (hint options include: no hint, undersize, relatively small, moderate, relatively large, oversize etc.)

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