Ash-Moisture Analyzer

Ash content, moisture content and CV are vital indexes which determine the quality of coal. The traditional lab analysis wastes time and energy to get those indexes, however, the analysis results are hysteretic and not able to reflect the production process at a real time, which has very limited guiding significance to the production. For those clients who are focusing on coal ash, moisture and CV, DFMC has mastered natural γ ray detection technology, dual energy γ ray absorption technology and online microwave moisture measuring technology. DFMC pushed out ash-moisture-CV series instruments including Online Non-radioactive Ash-Moisture Analyzer, Split Type Online Ash-Moisture Analyzer, Integrated Type Online Ash-Moisture Analyzer and Offline Ash-Moisture Analyzer.

DF-5756A Online Non-radioactive Ash-Moisture Analyzer

1. Product Overview

DF-5756A Online Non-radioactive Ash-Moisture Analyzer is a safe and reliable online analytical instrument with distinguished performance. It can be applied to the real-time online measurement on ash content and moisture content in coal, and give out reference value corresponded with CV through calculation. The instrument measures ash content by detecting the ray emitted from natural radioactive substance within coal, measures moisture by using microwave principle. Thus, the instrument contains no radioactive substance itself, it doesn't emit radioactive ray and is radiationless, safe and reliable. It can be applied to the measurement of incoming coal in power plants, raw coal in coal dressing plants and incoming coal in coal washing plants.

2. Working Principle

n Measures ash content through the correlation between ash content and γ ray exists within coal.

n Measures moisture through microwave transmission method

n Calculates CV through measured ash content/moisture content.

3. Product Characteristics

n Non-radiative,the instrument doesn't generate any high energy ray, which is easy to manage,safe and reliable;

n Real time, online measurement, gives out measuring result timely, guiding production at a real-time.

n Whole material measurement with strong sampling representativeness,the result is reliable, stable and credible.

n The process of static calibration is simple, easy for sampling, not much workload.

n Strong adaptability which can select special mathematical physical model according to the characteristic ray of different coal type.

n Simple installation, not much workload for maintenance.

DF-5756B Split Type Online Ash & Moisture Analyzer

1. Product Overview

Developed by DFMC, the Split Type Online Ash & Moisture Analyzer can be directly installed on the coal belt and directly online detect the coal flow. It can avoid the problem of poor sampling representativeness. It can widely be applied to coal mine, thermal power plant, coal washery, coal blending plant and coal wharf, etc. It can be used in online detection or automatic adjustment and control in the productive process of the coal dressing and coal blending.

2.Operating principle

■ Adopt double energy γ transmission radiation to measure ash content;

■ Adopt microwave transmission to measure moisture;

■ Use the data of ash/moisture to calculate the calorific value.

3.Technical parameters

Accuracy of ash content measurement

Fine coal ≤±0.5%

Low ash raw coal ≤±1.0%

High ash raw coal ≤±2.0%

Accuracy of moisture measurement

5%~10% ≤±0.5%

10%~20% ≤±1.5%


Reference accuracy of calorific value(Specific accuracy according to site condition)

Fine coal ≤±100Kcal/Kg

Low ash raw coal ≤±150Kcal/Kg

High ash raw coal ≤±200Kcal/Kg

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