Intelligent grinding sound spectrum analyzer

Intelligent grinding sound spectrum analyzer is DFMC's collection of audio, electronics, software, in one high-tech product, it is DFMC independent development of the judgment of the mill operation load condition of non-contact online measuring instrument.

The various indexes of the intelligent grinding sound spectrum analyzer have reached the advanced level of the international similar products and are widely used in the automation control engineering of the large mining enterprises.


Intelligent grinding sound spectrum analyzer is based on the collision between the lining of steel ball grinding machine and material produced by the special sound frequency characteristic, to detect and judge mill operation load condition by using non-contact online measuring instrument.Grinding automatic control system is widely used in mining, can automatically adjust the control of material flow, make the mill work in the condition of optimum load, so as to achieve the production and consumption of grinding machine, the purpose of improving the quality of the product.


The intelligent grinding sound spectrum analyzer can be divided into two channels, the first channel is the analog channel, the second channel is the digital channel, and the suitable channel can be chosen according to the industrial requirements.

The first channel adopts the method of integral envelope strength extraction.Namely: the sound of the field sensor is converted into a weak voltage signal, after the amplification and effective value transformation, voltage current transformation,then output 4-20 milliampere current.

The correspondingmethod of spectrum analysis of the second channel: grinding sound spectrum analysis is to transform the collected time domain signal into frequency domain signal, mathematically transformed by fast Fourier transform (FFT).In this instrument, the spectrum analysis is carried out by combining software and hardware, and the fast Fourier transform is replaced by the program controlled band pass scan. For the vertical axis (amplitude axis) of the spectral graph, the linear processing method is adopted, because the linear processing method can obtain a larger resolution. For the horizontal axis (frequency axis) of the spectral graph, a band spectrum scan was performed using a 1/3 octave.

Technical parameters:

●Signal frequency:100Hz—10kHz

●Analog interface:duplex 4-20 mAh standard signal

●Digital interface:RS485 communication

●Power supply:AC220V;50HZ

●Operating condition:temperature 0—50℃;relative humidity <85%

●Maximum load:600 Ohm

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