Automatic Grinding Classification Control System

Grinding classification, as a high energy consumption and cost largely link for choosing plant, is directly responsible for the quality and yield of the product. Using advanced control methods, the grinding classification's automatic control system provides optimized control of mill feeding, grinding density, classification overflow density and particle size, analysis and adjustment of mill ball load and ball ratio, security of mill oil-way lubrication system through general analysis of mill load and ore feeding factors. In the meantime, the system is able to detect and display grinding classification operating parameters and send warnings when abnormal situations occur, in order to make the grinding classification operate in the optimal state.

System Characteristics:

. Analyze and judge working status to control mills through grinding audio spectrum analysis, mill power detection and classifier coulometer and other ways ,which will make the system operation stable and reliable

. Advanced control method of fuzzy control and the PID adjustment make control effect best;

. To provide supervision level auto/soft manual, meter panel handle manual / auto ,on-site worker manual of the whole or part of the system;

. Advanced control system and highly reliable meter configuration can prolong the system operation;.

. To provide necessary ports and interfaces for plant-level management and whole process automatic control;

. Humanized configuration interfaces make the operation easier and convenient.

System benefits

. Save power and steel consumption, increase metal recovery rate

. To improve mill throughput by 8% to 10% on the basis of stabilizing and qualifying the rate of classification overflow particle size;

. To increase the qualifying rate of classification overflow particle size by more than 5% on the basis of stabilizing ore feeding amount;

. Manageable, decrease labor force;

. Fast return on investment, recover in half a year

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