Automatic Swirler Control System

Cyclones are small, easy to maintain, and provide high classification efficiency, but this classification efficiency is greatly influenced by feeding pressure, density and flux. The Cyclone Automatic Control System detects the feeding pressure, density, flux and liquid level of the pump pond; achieves optimal control of feeding density, pressure and liquid level of the pump pond by controlling both the filling water in a pump pond and the frequency conversion of the feeding pump.

Cyclone control is a complex control process, for three reasons:

1. Changes in any one factor of the liquid level in the pump pond, density, or pressure will lead to the destruction of the control balance of the original cyclone.

2. Feeding density pressure affects the cyclone overflow particle size index. When the overflow particle size index changes ,amplitude can't be precisely defined ,no matter adjusting the feed density or pressure(always adjusted at the same time).

3. The variability and uncertainty of the grinding production process will lead to the variability and uncertainty of cyclone process parameters.
If the simple PID control method (inappropriate density to control the density,inappropriate pressure to control the pressure) is applied ,it can not only fails to achieve the control effects, but also causes confusion in production. We developed a cyclone adaptive fuzzy controller after years of practice.

The control system will detect the cyclone overflow particle size, feeding density, feeding pressure and liquid level of the pump pond by the cyclone fuzzy controller input. After the fuzzy computing and fuzzy reasoning, the reasoning results will cause the fuzzy controller to give a control program for the cyclone to complete the cyclone automatic optimization control which is neither vacating nor leaving much, ensuring the cyclone overflow particle size and improving the cyclone classification efficiency, so that the whole system is in a stable and efficient operation.

System characteristics:

1. Multi-parameter detection and control make the cyclone system stable and reliable

2. Automatic, manual switching function makes the system more manageable

3. Highly reliable instrument configuration makes system more durable

4. Good fuzzy control software makes system more intellect

5. User-friendly configuration screen makes the operation more simple and convenient.

System benefits:

1. Save energy and reduce consumption , decrease equipment failure rates

2. Stabilize overflow particle size, increase classification efficiency

3. Stabilize production process, reduce labor force

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