Automatic Flotation Separation Control System

Flotation Automatic Control System: flotation is one of the most important ore dressing methods. According to the statistics, 90% of nonferrous metal mines use the flotation processing method. It is also applied to the separation of rare metal, precious metal, ferrous metal, nonmetal such as coal etc. and mineral raw material. Product quantity, the quality of products and the benefit are affected directly by the flotation medicament addition quantity and accuracy, flotation cell liquid level and aeration level. The traditional manual adjustment method is neither accurate nor timely. The application of Flotation Automatic Control System overcomes the defects of manual adjustment, reduces flotation production energy and medicine consumption and improves concentrate yield , quality and metal recovery rate by stabilizing and optimizing the control of flotation processing. It brings direct economic benefits to the plant, and reduces workload and mitigates labor intensity for workers. The system provides automatic control for flotation machine dosing, detection and control to the parameters of slurry concentration and flux, slurry liquid level in flotation cells, aeration level in the flotation process, and floatation slurry grade, and automatic analysis to flotation efficiency, etc.

System Characteristic:

. It adopts the advanced DCS control system;
. Automatic and manual switch function makes the management of system control easier;
. Reliable instrument configuration makes system operation more durable;
. Excellent control software makes the system more intelligent;
. Humanized configuration picture makes operation simpler.

System Benefit:

. It improves the quantity and quality of the floatation products, and metal recovery;
. It reduces floatation medicine consumption;
. It makes the production more stable, the operation simpler and the management easier.

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