Automatic Dosing Control System

The automatic dosing control system: addition of flotation medicine is an important link in the flotation production process. Addition quantity and accuracy directly affect the product quantity, quality and benefits. Traditional manual adjustment is neither accurate nor timely. The application of the flotation automatic dosing control system overcomes the disadvantages of manual adjustment, reduces medicine consumption in flotation production, brings direct economic benefit to the ore dressing plant, and reduces labor strength. According to the flotation process parameters for raw ore quantity, foam layer thickness, total metal quantity in raw ore, concentrate grade and metal recovery, it utilizes an advanced calculation to dynamically control flotation medicine addition. Therefore, the optimization of separation effect in flotation is achieved, medicine consumption is reduced and metal recovery is improved.

System Characteristic:

. It adopts advanced and practical control calculations;

. Automatic and manual switch function makes control system management easier;

. Highly reliable instrument configuration ensures system operation more durable;

. Excellent control software ensures system more intelligent;

. User-friendly configuration picture ensures simpler operation.

System benefit:

. It ensures optimization of flotation medicine additive quantity and flotation effect, and improves metal recovery;

. It reduces medicine consumption in flotation;

. It has stable production, simple operation and easy management.

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