DF-5730 Online Iron Ore Slurry Grade Detector

Iron Ore Slurry Grade On-line Analyzer is used for iron dressing plants, which can carry out on-flow detection for iron grade in raw ore, concentrate and tailings in real-time and can participate in automatic control of the technical process. It also can apply in other heavy metals dressing plants to measure the grade online.

Working Principle

It adopts dual-energy γ-ray absorption method to measure the iron grade of slurry according to analyzing the characteristic spectral line of passing slurry.

Technical parameters

On the normal operation condition:

Grade precision: ±0.5%(1δ);

Long-term stability of ray counting rate and repeatability of the measured value ≤0.1%;

Product features

On-line measurement without lag can obtain the iron grade value in pulp rapidly;

A non-contact measurement method keeps the detector away from the pulp so that an extended life span is guaranteed;

A reasonable sampling system ensures the accurate representation of the measured material;

Scintillation detector with high sensitivity and high-efficiency reduces the amount of radioactive sources, and ensures radiation safety performance.

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