GPS Fleet Management System for Open-Pit Mines

Introduction: The GPS fleet management system for open-pit mines applies advanced methods of computer technology, modern communication technology, Global Position System (GPS/compass) technology, system engineering theory and optimization technology, to establish production monitoring, intellectual dispatching and production command and management system, and implements real-time monitoring and optimization management to production excavators, motive transportation equipment, unloading locations and production sites.


System functions:

Rebuilds traditional artificial dispatching and management systems, collects dynamic information of production equipment, and implements real-time monitoring and optimization dispatching of trucks and excavators, thereby forming an information-based, intelligent and automatic modern dispatching control system, and an omnidirectional automatic decision platform for mining management. The system emphasizes systemic transport equipment, optimization, automatic and intelligent dispatching, timely and interactive information communication, and comprehensive service.

System Configuration:

Dispatch center, communications and differential system, and vehicle intelligent terminal.

Figure1: System Configuration Diagram

Figure2: Vehicle Terminal Hardware Platform

Figure3: Dispatch Control Center

Figure4: Using Electronic Map to Production Monitoring

System features

Automatic real-time scheduling

Highly adaptable intelligent terminal

Automatic collection of electric shovel loading capacity

The solution for long distance vehicle dispatching

Radio / GPRS / 3G / Mesh / LTE, a variety of network solutions

Fuel control

Driving Collision Warning

Automatic hole arrangement, drilling rigs navigation and detection to depth

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