Slope Stability Detection System


Slope Stability Detection System is designed to monitor the slope characteristics as follows: conditions of geology, terrain, groundwater and rainfall as well as slope movement via the integrated system composed of advanced monitoring instruments, equipment, and data transmission. Early warnings shall be raised and related countermeasures shall be taken in order to prevent slope disasters caused by natural factors or human beings in advance based on the information offered by system.

System architecture

The system consists of safety monitoring data acquisition subsystem, communication subsystem and data analysis subsystem in the surveillance center.


Figure 1: System Architecture


Transducers and GPS are installed on the slopes in the mining areas, which builds a complicated network. Meanwhile, the system connects with a monitoring computer in the monitoring center via fiber or wirless communications so that the continuous real-time monitoring on the slope conditions is achieved in a remote manner. The variations of slope structures over time can be captured through data analysis.

Features and advantages

The detection system for slope stability is allowed to analyze the patterns of slope movement in a real-time manner. Through the data analysis of slope stability, the shape, scale and trend of landslide can be predicted so that appropriate countermeasures can be adopted for the mining safety and environmental protection.

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