Tailing Pond Safety Monitoring System


Tailing Pond Safety Monitoring System is to establish a comprehensive remote automation system for safety analysis, diagnosis and forecast in a real time manner. Safety conditions are captured via real-time monitoring based on a dynamic monitor, the communication sub-system between the tailing pond and monitor center in the enterprise building, computer system and web query reporting system in the control room.

System architecture

It consists of monitoring system, communication system and monitoring center. The subsystem like monitoring software, analysis and evaluation software, and SMS warning will be equipped on the hardware platform in the control room.
Monitoring Items:
. Dam offset on the surface or interior
. Phreatic line
. Long dry beach, ultrahigh security
. Pond water level
. Precipitation
. Reservior video image
On the basis of innovative and high technology, and upgrade of artificial safety monitoring, the system permits the real-time detection on tailing pond movement and safety conditions can be captured via the dynamic information collected from tailing pond, which offers a holistic automation solutions to safety management and control.

Features and advantages

Accuracy higher than the standards as stipulated in the national Safety Monitoring Technical Specifications for Tailing Pond.
Free from environment disturb
24-hour monitoring
Sample data with high precision
Automatic and instant alarm responding to the indicators out of range
Multi-stage and remote monitoring can be achieved via network.
Real-time monitoring allows for capture the dam conditions instantly
Historical data store and analysis for convenient reference
Property loss prevention and environmental protection

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