DF-5753 Online Coal Ash Analyzer

The Online Coal Ash Analyzer is used for on-line detection, measurement and control of coal ash. It is widely applied in coal mines, coal washing plants, coal blending plants, coking plants, coal-fired power plants, steel plants and coal terminal, etc. It is especially suitable for on-line coal ash analysis on the entire belt conveyor during the coal transportation process. It also can support the closed-loop automatic control and improve the producing benefit.

Working principle

On the basis of double energy γ ray absorption method, the coal ash content can be calculated by processing data of the two rays after passing coal attenuation.

Technical parameters

Measurement range: 5%~50%

Measurement accuracy:

. When the ash content is between 0 and 15%, error ≤±0.5%;

. When the ash content is between 15% and 30%, error ≤±1.0%;

. When the ash content percentage is beyond 30%, error ≤±2.0%;

Measurement time: 1~3 mins

Belt speed: less than 5m/s

Particle size of coal sample: less than 50mm

Materiel thickness: 50mm~300mm

Measurement requirement: continuous measurement and without lacking materiel

Environment temperature: -20~45°C

Control room temperature: 0~40°C

Detector temperature control accuracy: ±0.5°C

Analog quantity output:4-20mA

Power: 220V(±10%)50Hz


The safety of sealed sources meets the requirements of GB4075. Dose equivalent rate at 1m of instrument surface≤2.5μSv/h meets requirements of radiation protection in GBZ125-2002. It will not harm operator in regular use.

Product features

Real-time: provide real-time online measurement for the coal which move through the belt and offer the instantaneous value and average value of coal ash in any period.

Representative: Measure the coal that move through the belt and get over the shortage of traditional detection which is not representative because of taking little sample to analyze.

Reliable: It can measure the material by non-contact way on the principle that the signal can pass through the material. Also it can design the most optimized measurement solution and key parts to make sure that the instrument keep steady and reliable operation according to site environment.

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