Mine-wide Wireless MESH Network Coverage System

System Introduction:

The Wireless MESH Network Coverage System for Mining Area is a comprehensive wireless network communication coverage system for mine stope, office areas and living areas. Via a wireless method, users can access the network in any place at any time, even in a moving vehicle. It provides broadband access and converts the moving vehicle into a moving office.

System Objective:

The development of wireless network technology is changing quickly. Various 802.11x standards have been updated and new wireless network structures and technologies are appearing all the time. A new wireless Mesh network is presented when the WLAN is present. The core guideline of the wireless Mesh network is the guarantee the each node in the network can send and receive a signal. The traditional problems of low scalability and robustness are readily solved. Wireless Mesh technology represents a great span of network technology, and has broad applications going forward.

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