Digital Mine Solution

. Digital mine solution: Digital Mining combines mining science, information science, artificial intelligence, computer technology, and 3D technology, traditional mining production changes and human life styles.

. The automatic control, evaluation, and management, of Chinese resource exploitation through professional mining software are highly dependent on foreign countries. The software affects the level, efficiency and credibility of resource evaluation, storage supervision, and automatic production control, while reducing the efficiency and reliability of mine design and planning, as well as restricting the course of mine information. DFMC develops a series of intellectually independent digital mining key technology and software capabilities, which combine independent development, collaborative production research, learning and studies, as well as third party software and is protected by independent intellectual property rights, which all meet the requirements of Chinese mine resources and enterprise digital mine establishment. It establishes a good foundation for mining automation industrial systems with Chinese characteristics.


Purpose and Characteristics:

. Digital mines are an important part of both China's state resources security protection system, as well as the data foundation of mine resource ecological environment evaluation. Digital mine establishment is the important cornerstone to sustainable resource development and a fundamental means of high industrial risk resolution.

. The start-up digital mine establishment has broad development prospects and is important to China and its enterprises. By the end of 2008, digital mine was ranked as a National 863 Program. By utilizing computers and networks, digital mines implement digital storage, transmission, as well as statement and deep processing to all mine space and provide valid attribute data, and apply to each production link, aiding in management and decision-making, while achieving production optimization, effective management and scientific decision.

. The characteristics of digital mine include: digital basic information, suppositional product processing, integrated management control, and decision disposal.

Content of Establishment:

Since "Digital Mine" was presented at the first congress of " International Digital Earth" in 1999, "Digital Mine" scientific and technical research has increased.. DFMC is investing in the key technology and research of cutting edge digital mining technology, with the cooperation of Northeast University, Dalian University of Technology and Jinlin University. Together, we have developed a series of key digital mining technology content and software, and manufactured digital mine products which fit the specific requests of enterprises.

1. Key technology contents of digital mine systems are:

. Mine information highway system

. Wireless network coverage system for mining area

. 3D geological model system

. 3D deposit model system

. Data processing system for geologic measurement

. Ore grade evaluation system

. Slope stability detection system

. GPS vehicle intellectual dispatching system for strip mine

. GPS/GPRS dispatching system for railage

. Automatic mining planning system

. Integrated optimization system for opencast working

. Economy benefit analysis system for mining

. Equipment point inspection and post patrol information system

. Wireless industrial video supervision system

. Geological data rapid measurement analysis system

. Orientation system for underground personnel and equipment

. Automatic monitoring and early warning system for gangue safety

. Large-screen display system

. Safety early warning system for traveling in mining area

2. Key technology contents of digital dressing system are:

. Crushing automatic control system

. Grinding techniques information system

. Floatation automatic control system

. Dehydration tank control system

. Magnetic separation column, cyclone and magnetic collector control system

. Filtration moisture control system

. Iron-increasing and silicon-decreasing control system

. Remote automatic control system for static pressure backwater

. Underflow automatic transportation control system

. Three water balancing automatic control system

. Whole process DCS system for dressing plant technics

. The start-up digital mine industry is developing rapidly in China.DFMC is tracking the cutting-edge technology of digital mining to achieve mine automatation, informationization and digitalization, that makes a new contribution to digital mine establishment in China. We have a talented group of professionals and a development platform to develop key technology contents and a whole framework of digital mine, that will speed up development and actualization of digital mine technology in China.

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