Sintering Expert System

Sintering Expert System combines optimization control modeling, with an expert system core to realize manual intelligent optimization control of sintering production. It replaces manual data analysis with a high-performance server group which calculates the technological parameters and end production state, controls equipment, amends errors and stabilizes the process depending on the result of the expert system optimization. The system resolves the problems of long lag, strong coupling, non-linear capacity, large changes in sintering material component and quality, and lack of direct detection data etc.

System Objective:

To stabilize sintering production, reduce consumption, and ensure sinter ore quality, the system provides automatic proportioning control, self-adaptive moisture control, solid fuel expert system control, ignition control, and sintering BTP (Burn Through Point) expert system control. It also provides analysis control functions for heat status analysis, permeability control, material balance control and return sintered ore balance control, which enhance the control effect.

System Characteristics:

It adopts methods of time traceability and expert system prediction to resolve the problems of long techniques flow, and large delays in assay results. According to sintering theory, the system builds a comprehensive analysis model of heat status, permeability and return sintered ore balance, to resolve the sintering production stability. It adopts the machine learning technology to optimize sintering process control parameters. By combining a "machine material flow" control algorithm with the control methods of permeability and initial temperature point BTP prediction, it accomplishes effective control of the sintering terminal and the big closed loop control from feed proportioning to finished product.

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