Integrated Enterprise Management & Control Execution System

Integrated Management & Control System for Production and Execution is absorbed in production management and automatic control of flow type enterprise. It analyzes and calculates the control parameters, controls and instructs the production process and equipment based on the product requirements and detects data. The system can also forecast product index according to measurement data of the production system, and provide large closed-loop production instruction and control of integrated management & control systems between the automation system and the final products. It can adjust and execute the feedback fluctuation of the product index automatically without manual intervention, and resolve the relativity problem between product objective data and production control parameters. It is the most innovative information management and control system at present.

System functions include production and equipment monitoring, control parameter optimization, production management and real-time scheduling, as well as automatic system integration division and information data service issuance and other functions.

System Characteristic:

. It obtains control operation parameters automatically according to production requirements which are satisfied by operation parameter amending, and realizes the high unification of product objective data and final product index;

. The simple configuration function makes monitoring real-time field operation and analyzing operation data become easier. It includes animation display, real-time simulation chart, report form and analysis curve etc.

. The outstanding system openness ensures that management data accessing and real-time & historic data monitoring by users are easier; Queries and graphics separately. A query can be mapped to multiple analysis charts. Analysis charts can also be chosen from different queries and view showing the different results of the analysis.

. System calculation is based on multiple math models and data mining algorithms provide the intelligent functions of control optimization, optimized scheduling, and quality forecasting.

. It has abundant equipment data interface, and is able to communicate with DCS, PLC, FCS and instruments.

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