Blast Furnace Operation Execution System

Blast furnace operation and execution system: the stability of blast furnace smelting needs a stable operation system. Examples include: hearth heat system, blowing-in system, slag-making system, loading system, fuel injection and elevated top pressure. Therefore, it requires a suite of systems to manage and standardize the operation, ensuring each blast furnace operation method is consistent, and provides blast furnace stability.

Personnel management enhancement is the key measure needed to improve control, because blast furnace control cannot occur without the operator. Blast furnace operation and execution systems have the function of blast furnace and personnel operation recording, which provides "blast furnace operation and control replay" which provides the important ability to enhance operation level and personnel responsibility.

System Characteristic:

1. According to the conserved characteristic curve, and contrast to real-time data in blast furnace production, the system automatically determines whether an abnormality appears and provides a warning for it;

2. It provides optimized multiple curve display, and has a function to edit instructions and instruction groups. The excellent operation method can be edited as an instruction group by the blast furnace operator and production manager, and become set in the system permanently. It benefits the whole operation level through improvement and standardization of operational methods;

3. Using this system, a common operator can also provide outstanding control capability as a blast furnace expert, and resolves the problems associated with not having specialized experts.

4. According to the functions of personnel operation recording and replay, the system is convenient to process accumulation and error operation finding.

5. The system adopts advanced calculations of curve characteristics and data mining using wavelet analysis. It is able to pick up blast furnace abnormity precisely and aid the operator.

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