Production Data Management System

The Production Data Management System is an integrated information system which generates production information assembly, storage, transmission, statistics, analysis, and delivery. The on-site production state can be viewed directly by graphical interface, and it provides powerful decision analysis for all level managers. It also plays an important role in convenient production planning creation, operation plan adjustment and optimization based on practical production, transmission of product instruction and supervision of planning execution.

System Function:

1. Production planning management: it is convenient and quick to establish various production plans, and it automatically adjusts all plans according to production instructions;

2. Real-time production data collection: it automatically collects various real-time production data and provides bottom data foundation for the whole system;

3. Integrated information management of production process: it implements data recording, arrangement, statistics, and analysis timely and correctly. It provides the functions of input, modification, and deletion of the data which cannot be collected; And the system also provides various query functions for statistical data analysis, report data, and production technological processes for managing personal..

4. Production scheduling management: the operator issues scheduling instruction information according to the information via monitoring, requesting and planning to establish a scheduling record, production scheduling statistic report, and production scheduling account.

System Characteristics:

1. Production information is real-time, correct, comprehensive and continuous;

2. It provides automatic production data collection, organization, and statistics, and achieves real system data integration and system integration.

3. It doesn't cost much, and it's convenient to operate and maintain.

4. It achieves production data sharing, transmission and issuance which are required for enterprises;

5. The friendly user interface is simple and convenient to operate;

6. System maintenance is simple;

7. System expansibility provides an interface and a comprehensive system that is reserved for continuous development.

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