Remote Production Monitoring System

Many enterprises have realized real-time display of equipment and production state via the automatic control system, but still expect to timely check equipment and production states through office network. With dynamic WEB technology, the remote production monitoring system implements real-time remote monitoring to production flow, process parameters and various production indices through the network, so that the manager receives effective information on time and is able to conduct corresponding analysis decision and monitoring.

It provides data interfaces for automatic collection control and detection systems and manual recording, carries out data gathering, statistical analysis and release of automatic collection and manual recording, then, implements real-time dynamic production and control monitoring at the network terminal for different forms of data, report forms, figures and pictures. The system has the ability to provide real-time tracking and monitoring of the production process data and inspection data calculations, assays and quality. Users achieve supervision and management through the remote monitoring system. The manager can check current and prior direction in time through the vivid dynamic simulation process diagram and a real-time historic direction diagram, and provide an irregular production warning at one time.

Main functions:

1. Real-time data collection;

2. Real-time dynamic monitoring: working condition diagram checking, tendency chart checking, real-time data report forms, warning function, user authorization management.

System Characteristic:

1. Convenient data obtaining channel: It provides a common and standard interface, which is able to communicate directly with most control and detection systems with standard OPC interface.

2. Diverse information appearance: The system provides the collected information by animation, statistical diagram (bar chart, point chart, line chart and pie chart), report form and information.

3. On-line real-time stable monitoring capacity: The system is built in advance.Net technology platform capacity is stable. It utilizes the international standard interface and data channel to provide real-time data communication which has security checking measures, so that the requirement will be implemented in a real-time stable environment.

4. Direction chart inquiry: according to the range of different inquire ranges, the user can display and query the historic changing direction of real-time production & control data information for equipment and procedures, and one can also choose different measuring points, and examine its specific information.

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