Optimization and Production Scheduling System for Steel Rolling

The steel rolling optimized planning system creates steel rolling planning automatically according to steel rolling planning rules and the required date of production order form. Considering the material supply and production capacity, it is a short-term planning tool which is connected with long-term planning. The system applies continuous casting and rolling production for metallurgy enterprise, which has important significance to control steel rolling production quality, improve performance rate of order forms, reduce the replacing rate of technical instruments and improve production efficiency.

System Function:

1. Production order management for the metallurgy process of pouring, continuous casting and steel rolling: it provides order form scheduling, building, editing and deleting.

2. Order form statistics and optimized ordering function: it transmits quantitative statistics to appointed order forms; implements optimization ordering and rolling planning in terms of a heritage algorithm, and yields a rolling plan result and project proposal.

3. Rolling plan display: it utilizes a Gantt chart display for optimized pouring, continuous casting, and rolling plan. It examines the historical rolling plan.

4. Production database: it stores the production number, name, rigidity, length, width, height, and weight, and provides functions of creating, deleting, and finding the produce list.

5. It amends the program parameters for the heritage algorithm and metallurgy flow, to modify the complicated production process.

System Characteristic:

The software adopts a humanized design and convenient operation which are easy to learn. The system adopts various optimization combinations to improve the success rate of software to achieve production objectives. The system joins with the basic automatic system, to accomplish real-time production process monitoring.

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