KJ521 Personnel Management System


Based on RFID technology, KJ521 Personnel Management System is able to transmit dynamic information of personnel and equipment in each section so that supervisors hold the right number and distribution of underground personnel and vehicles, and make real-time voice communications in order to provide information decisions for undermine processing, save cost and enhance throughput. Meanwhile, a wide range of other applications such as sign-in and sign-out report, personnel query, alarm activation in restricted areas, emergency rescue can be filled via the technology of computer networks and communications.


1. Accurate real-time positioning of all the operators, sign in and sign out
2. Playback and query of historical data
3. Production dispatching, security management and evacuation route voice broadcast in case of accidents
4. Multi-functional interfaces for the detection and control on underground environment

Technical parameters

1. Wireless communication between card-reading substation and personnel identification card via CSS, with frequency of 2.402±0.005G, power of over -50dBm, transmission of 0~100m, positioning precision more than 3 m. .
2. Capacity of monitoring system: 100 card-reading substations, up to 4000 identification cards.
3. Error rate: no more than 10-8
4. Inspection cycle: less than 30s

Features and advantages

Carrier communication and Zigbee communication permits farther transmission, higher precision, stability and less cost.
Complete signal coverage, no blind areas.
Two-way wireless communication
Effective monitoring and recognition of rapid-moving target, get-in and out.
Achieving personnel information management via networks
Low transmitter power of system device, safe and reliable
Safety pre-warning function permits safe production under the ground mine via automatic control signal system and broadcast warnings.

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