Automatic Dewatering Tank Control System

The Dehydration Tank Automatic Control System is a high-tech product developed by our company independently, and is ideal to change magnetic dressing control, and is designed for permanent and electric magnetic dehydration tank automatic control for a dressing plant.


It uses a sensitive magnetic sensor, reflects the real-time change of magnetite material in dehydration tank, and sends it to center processor which then sends the control signal the control feeding condition by means of a motor running in forward and reverse directions. The system has manual and automatic options, and automatic valve has upper-lower limit protection.


It applies mainly to permanent (electric) magnetic dehydration tank control The manual feeding control is unable to hold concentrates on the ledge interface height or adjust the discharging valve position correctly and in time, so it is difficult to obtain maximum concentrates. This control system transmits real-time feeding sampling, and ensures effective valve control of the motor, and virtually avoids concentrate loss.

Technology Parameter:

. Power supply: three phase 380V

. Sampling interval of sensor interface: 1 second

. Interface measurement range: ±60mm, it is adjustable (according to sensor position)

. Motor power: 0.37KW

. System operation temperature: -20~60℃

Technology Characteristic:

. Wall mounting type automatic control cabinet;

. Special sensor technology ensures measurements are more accurate;

. Real-time measurement reflects material condition sensitively, and obtains maximum concentrate;

. Automatic and manual control is more convenient;

. LCD friendly user display interface is beneficial to system operation;

. Intelligent motor control module avoids motor error action effectively;

. Valve upper-lower limit control set avoids danger caused by over valve open and close.

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