DF-PSI Online Diameter-measuring Particle Size Monitor

The DF-PSI Caliper-type On-line Particle Size Analyzer is based on the principle of direct automatic caliper to measure particle size distribution, which is an industrial on-line particle size analyzer with highly automated characteristics. The advantages of test results are intuitive, stable, reliable, etc.

Technical parameters:

Maximum number of detectable flow channel

Series S

Series E


See relevant technical manual for details

Number of size fractions which can be simultaneously detected in each flow channel


Range of detectable particle diameter (μm)

20 ~ 1000

Nominal detectable particle size range of each size fraction (%)

Size fraction


μm: -75 ~ -850

Mesh: -45 ~ -75

20 ~ 80

μm: -45 ~ -75

Mesh: 325~ 200

30 ~ 70

μm: -25 ~ -45

Mesh: 500~ 325

70 ~ 95

Max. nominal detectable particle size span (percentage)

30 pieces

Absolute error within 1σ (%)

1 ~ 2

Product features:

1. Good environment adaptability

2. Highly corrosive environment

3. No effect by bubbles

4. Low impact from large inclusions

5. No impact by large particle

6. Wide particle size measurement range

7. Wide range of particle fraction

Application Fields:

1. It applies to particle size measurement of grinding beneficiation process in more industry: black mine, Gold, copper, molybdenum and other non-ferrous mining; Cement and other building materials industry; Other industrial minerals.

2. Chemical industry: It also applies to the measurement of chemical raw materials or addition of finished products. The choice of corrosion resistance materials for the machine can meet the most highly corrosive environment in chemical industry.

3. Other industry:

①Diameter measurement of hard particles.

② Parts roundness or flatness measurement.

③Thickness measurement of hard materials.

④Appearance measurement of hard materials.

⑤Deformation, resiliency, and plasticity measurement of hard materials.

Install application forms:

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